Thursday, February 18, 2010

Affordable Car and Truck Accessories

I've been googling for some good quality chevy accessories available online for my wheels all day, so bad there's only few good estores that offers good quality of products both in terms of prices and product quality. I'm talking about here, it took me almost 16 hours to find this site, they're not that popular on web portals yet so maybe that's the reason why i haven't found them in google searches.

Yeah, you've heard it right, this store was referred to me by my long lost best friend...I got his facebook account last week, and am lucky enough that I messaged him to ask if how he's doing and the our turned into something beneficial on my part. Nahaha He's patronizing even before and he recommended me that site, well, thanks to Job that I now have new and elegant chevy accessories on my wheels. I can now pimp any hard road with confidence of not getting bullied on the road. LOL Am just kidding dude.

To all my friends out there who have been jealous with my new lambo doors, i got that from that store people. Hehe Envy me for having Job. Haha Well, you can choose a lot of chevy accessories there, try it and I guarantee you they won't let you down.


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