Friday, October 29, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe Davao to open real soon

Hard Rock Cafe to open its second branch in the Philippines at the RP's royal city, Davao City.

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Hello guys! it's my first time logging in at SSC.
I have been reading threads and posts regarding developments in Davao City for the past two months, although I did not register back then.

I actually have scoops regarding Abreeza's tenants since that we will open up a store there. We visited the site early this week and upon seeing the mall map of stores, I saw:

Hard Rock Cafe [hard rock cafe davao]
Debenhams (Rustans-like high-end department store; foreign; it's third store in the Philippines; two in Manila)
Marks and Spencer
Starbucks (old news)
Teriyaki Boy
Cafe Laguna (started in Cebu)
Zara (Manila and Davao only, dude! no Cebu branch yet)
Hukad restaurant (Golden Cowrie; from Cebu also)
Power Mac Centre
Nine West

Since that the map cannot be given to guests/tenants of the site, that was a list of what I have remembered. But anyways, this is so cool! For those of you who're thinking that this might be false, but I promise that this is real.


Other forum users has also confirmed the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe Davao branch.

Hard Rock Cafe Davao - Hard Rock Cafe Davao City - Hard Rock Cafe Philippines-Davao

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