Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Advertise Here is now accepting direct advertisement offers. Below is the prices of each advertisement medium.

Why Advertise here? This picture answer it.

Update: Nov. 10- December 10

Total Page Views - 38,390

Total Unique Visits- 15,601

Banner Ads

125x125 Large Button banner Ad - $4.50 per month, or P220 in peso

(sidebar location - after POLL widget)

250x250 Medium Square banner Ad - $6.50 per month, or P318 in peso

(sidebar location - after POLL widget)

336x280 Lage Rectangle banner Ad - $10 per month, or P490 in peso

(available only every after post - post page)

Text Ads

Note: Due to search engine optimisation purposes, we will only limit our Text Ads to 5 Slots. The first offers will be prioritized.

Text Ads - $1 per week, or P49 per week

(minimum of 15 characters - sidebar location)

available slots: 5

We also accept monthly advertising contracts, with a discount! :D
For Advertising orders, Email us at
We're looking forward to work with you! :D

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