Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Manuel, the new Fear Factor world record holder

Another week has come, another set of stunts and challenges awaits to the remaining 10 Participantes. Who will last in the battle field? Who will get the throne?...

Let's see...

Hahaha. Hmmm... Does my intro is deceiving? Nyok! ^^, On this week's start, Manuel got the new Fear Factor world record On the stunt Auto Resbaladizos. The stunt is really difficult...but not for Manuel, i think. Really, it's not that easy. It was a hanged auto, about 50 ft. tall, and it was poured by water that makes the auto's surface more slippery, but it doesn't ends there. The other thing that Participantes' enemy is the very much freezing temperature. Whoa. The week has just started but I already have a lot of things that i'm gonna share to you guys.

Manuel sets new world record for Fear Factor's Auto Resbaladizos or Slippery car stunt. He beat the previously held Fear Factor Hungary which was 3 minutes and 7 seconds, while he done the stunt within 44 seconds.
Well, Manuel really has the reason to celebrate. ^^, but he's not alone! Because Lj, and last 2 consequeive weeks on the bottom part Doc Elmer are now safe for this week's elimination.

What about Jommy? well, Jommy is still on his way to the elimination! Lol.

I have compiled some photos [applause! hehe.] for you guys. Enjoy!^^,
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  1. wow!...Filipinos pride...
    go manuel and lj and jose

  2. manuel congrats! galing mo tlga! idol kita!

  3. manuel congrats. galing mo talaga! kaw lang pinapuod ng buong bahay namin. nakakaexcite kang panuorin. masydo ka kcng magaling!!!

  4. GALING MO MANUEL! IDOL! u r d most exciting participante kc mahusay ka sa stunts

  5. manuel idol! goodluck! mahal na kita

  6. i lyk manuel na manalo. aztig! ikaw ang pinakamgaling kuya manuel. patumbahin natin ang pump squading! lolz

  7. Manuel...i love your muscular body... you make me crazy every time you do the stunt. Go!! Go!! Go!! baby...:-)

  8. go...go...go...jose...i like you....sana ma
    meet kita sa personal.......i love you....super.....kaw ung pinaka gwapong participantes..........have a nice day.....i'm mae villaceran......

  9. mas mabilis pa ko jan!!! pustahan pa tau hanapin nyo ko^^ mga bading kau lahat .. nababading kau ke papa manuel... hwew!!!


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