Friday, November 28, 2008

In the presense of lovely snakes

I bet you guys are all terrified on this week's episodes of Pinoy Fear Factor, ain't you? Hehe... Since monday, the happenings on the show is really terrifying and deathifying. Nyok! Haha... From the Slippery Car, to the freezing water of "Fear Factor Tank" poured with lovely holly snakes stunt. Naahh! So deadly! reallY! On the starting point of Fear Factor Tank stunt several happenings already made me shaken, and i bet also you guys.

On the last night's episode, Jose, Phem, Savanah, and Marion did the challenge, although Phem didn't performed well but still she tried to come up with the water together with lovely snakes. ^^, Previously, Jommy did the stunt first and fortunately did well, followed by the unlucky Jose that got two snake bites through the stunt [read the full story here]. On the lighter side, Savanah also did well, as well as Marion which i think will gonna win among the Partisipantes on this challenge.

Below are some captions on the held Fear Factor Tank stunt.


  1. kakatakot talaga yung episode na toh! waahhh...

    its like watching KULAM. hehe

    nice post

  2. scary.

    ang lampa naman ni phem..sobrang oa! hehe

    mabuti pa si jose kahit nakagat na...go parin.

  3. scary!

  4. weehhhh...phem lampa

  5. nice show,,,,really!


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