Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Consequence waits for Rj - Pinoy Fear Factor

Last night after the first stunt of Dose Participantes Rj Calipus has been emotional. Not that hysterical but just a quite emotional. Hehe... A few tears drops from his eyes after their first activity, the reason is he's the only one who didn't got any flags from their first activity that you have to pass through a revolving barrel and get the flag surrounding on it. That stunt was really a hard one, even one of them didn't make it and only Phem got two flags. Whoa! I think i can't even full done that stunt specially it's cold out there so it's kinda difficult to move your body well. Hehe... I think so. Opppsss...

So because of what happened a consequence awaits for Rj tonight. Whhaaat!?... Nyok. I'm sure he will gonna eat yummy-yucky cockroach! Hahaha... Ewww... It's a consequence! So expect that it is a hard thing. Hehe... I hope not. :P

Tonight, Participantes will be doing their second stunt, they will gonna transfer a super delicious Cow's Eyes using their lovely mouth into other container. So yummy right!? Haha...

Well, this episode would gonna be so exciting! And by the way guys thank you so much for your very much overwhelming response on this fan site. Thank you! :D


  1. I LOVE RJ. His personality. His eyes. His quietness. He is hot!

  2. Yes RJ is HOT! I'm rooting for you RJ!


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