Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gail Nicolas, first Pinoy Fear Factor deportee

On the last day of the pilot week airing of the desirable Pinoy Fear Factor one Participante has been kicked off on the race, Gail Nicolas is the first ever Pinoy Fear Factor deportee (My term for eliminated. Hehe... Of course, they shoot the show overseas so it's just right to call eliminated as deportees. Hehe) . Gail has been bullted out from the competition after she failed to win the Escape De Auto Sub Acuatico stunt. On my end, this stunt is really breath-taking since this is really dangerous. Well, maybe physically it's not but try to imagine when the car is still brought 5 meters down to the water, you're already not breathing then. Whoa! It's so shaking. Nyok! Hehe... On the other hand Gail did a very good fight. She fought till the end and didn't gave up. Gail is still worthy to be hailed. Lol.

If you didn't watched the Escape De Auto Sub Acuatico stunt, here is a snapshot photo of the activity. Hehe Just a photo of it.

Anyway i will also be posting the video episode of the show so you can also watch those episodes here. Feel Free to subcribe to our RSS Feeds or via Email to receive updates. :D

The door has closed for Gail to be the first Mi Ultimo Participante but i know more or larger projects waits for her here in the Philippines.

Here is a video of the 5th episode of Pinoy Fear Factor, At ang pagka-bigo ni Gail.

Bye Bye Gail. :c

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