Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Jose Sarasola: It's not me! It was really not me."

Jose Sarasola has spoken about the alleged video scandal of him spreading over the internet. You can read the PFF coverage about that issue here. And now, Jose has spoken about the issue, on an interview of him on the buzz (I didn't able to watch Entertainment Live yesterday since I was on a weekend retreat, so i just seen the interview on the buzz a while ago.), "Hidi po ako yon... Malayong-malayo. Nakaka-inis lang dahil naapektuhan pati magulang ko at yon ay hindi naman talaga totoo." (It was not me, It was not really me. I look like very much different...It's just so annoying knowing that my parents get affected about the issue and that is really not true.) That's excatly what he said during the interview.

It's a good thing that the issue has now given an answer. Okay, that's not really him okay!? Lol. :D

After publishing that post about the alleged Jose Sarasola scandal, we received a lot of feedbacks and questions about it, so it's a good thing that the issue has been resolved and it was not Him! Hehe... And to those people banging us around about that issue, all we can is... "This blog is made for entertainment purposes. This is a fan blog for Pinoy Fear Factor, so ofcourse everything about the show should be tackled here regardless if it's negative or not. We are just discussing everthing about the show and we think there is nothing prohibited from that. An to those who are wishing or asking us to post video here i'm sorry but we cannot do it. We have disclosed not to published any adult content and pornographic materials ont his site, so it's really not allowed anyway we have provided a link wherein you can watch the video scandal you watch it if you want to. :D"

So to everyone, there's a special primer this night about Pinoy Fear Factor, let's watch it right after Rated K on Abs-Cbn channel 2.


  1. it really isnt JOSE SARASOLA ON THE VIDEO... no offense to the guy in the vid.. but his nose is a lot more wider than Jose's..and lots of things are different...well for the benefit of the guy in the do have a nice sexy ass..????

  2. Be it Jose Sarasola or anybody else doesn't really matter. The young man is gorgeous enough to satisfy one's sexual fantasy.


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