Monday, November 10, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor pilot episode review

The time has come... The real Pinoy Fear Factor thrill has officially started. I just finished watching the pilot episode of Pinoy Fear Factor and it's really really hot and nice! Haha... All of the Participantes are really hunky and gorgeous, and Ryan really done the good thing. It was expected that this show will gonna be nice because of Direk Lauren Dyogi's (Pinoy Big Brother director) supervision. This show is really exciting. Tonight, the Participantes' first stunt has just started, and Elmer didn't make it, tommorow it will be continued and i can't wait to watch it then. Whoa! This is really a long journey for Pinoy Fear Factor fans like me.

Well, Pinoy Fear Factor has just started as well as to this Fan site, and i just would like to thank you guys for choosing as your home in Pinoy Fear Factor news and updates, we have established this site later than the other seld-hosted fan sites but your guys' response is really overwhelming. Thank you Guys! :D

We can't really hide the truth that is really receiving a big number of subcribers and followers, and still growing... Thank you Guys! :D

AS watching the pilot episode of the show just this night, I learned more about the show and with the Participantes (contestants), with their personal life and many more about them, and i can't really wait to share to you guys. The folow up of this post is the "Pinoy Fear Factor trivia" and i assure you that post will gonna be so exciting too! :D And I have a little bit gossip to you... Savanah like Ram!??? Whaaat!?.. Yeah. I'm gonna share it a little bit later. Okies? Let me do this post as a sneak peak preview of our future publication. Hehe...

Expect a lot more news and great happenings as we travel trough this Pinoy Fear Factor journey!

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Buenas Noches... Adios! :D

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  1. Simply WOW! The visual texture, lighting & "tele"tography (cinematography for movies) of the show is crisp, clear and at par (even better) with US and UK made programs. The video quality is amazing! As much as I don't want to compare with or even mention "Survivor PH", the PH version of FF is way ahead of the competition in terms of visual quality, presentation of participants & drama build-up (naawa ako dun sa kargador from Tondo... kawawa naman yung family nya, P5,000 lang naiwan nyang pera habang wala s'ya... haiy...). I really have high hopes for PFF... let's see tonight the quality of stunts, props & effects that will compose every challenge which I certainly believe will be world-class! And to those who would attenpt comparing PFF with "Extra Challenge" or "Kung Ako Ikaw", well that would show poor taste... Mabuhay PFF!!!!


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