Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor is incomparable!

"Pinoy Fear Factor is incomparable!" This is how Pinoy Fear Factor being described by a fellow follower of our site. I just read his/her comment this morning, and he/she didn't leave her/his name so i don't really know her/him. Hahaha... So confusing so let's just tag this person as a guy so it will be Him! :D You know guys, I agree with him Pinoy Fear Factor is really incomparable! You can't even compare this to those hollywood and overseas Fear Factor franchises from high-class countries. Well, i just got this thought from Him. Hehe... I would just like to share his words to you guys, and I ask Him... The one who wrote this comment to let us know what is his name.

His full message is shown below.

"Simply WOW! The visual texture, lighting & "tele"tography (cinematography for movies) of the show is crisp, clear and at par (even better) with US and UK made programs. The video quality is amazing! As much as I don't want to compare with or even mention "Survivor PH", the PH version of FF is way ahead of the competition in terms of visual quality, presentation of participants & drama build-up (naawa ako dun sa kargador from Tondo... kawawa naman yung family nya, P5,000 lang naiwan nyang pera habang wala s'ya... haiy...). I really have high hopes for PFF... let's see tonight the quality of stunts, props & effects that will compose every challenge which I certainly believe will be world-class! And to those who would attenpt comparing PFF with "Extra Challenge" or "Kung Ako Ikaw", well that would show poor taste... Mabuhay PFF!!!!"

Well, regardless of anxiety... Pinoy Fear Factor is really incomparable to any Philippine reality shows! Not even with Survivor Philippines. Well, to tackle this this thing we will gonna be posting an article "Pinoy Fear FActor vs Survivor Philippines." This is not to determine which is the best (Because we already know it. Hehehe) But just to tackles things about the different shows. :D

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