Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor Trivia

As I did watch the pilot episode of Pinoy Fear Factor last night, i learned a lot about the show and some things around us that I didn't knew here online. Well, maybe it's because i just don't frequently read articles online. Hehe... So now, we will gonna give you some facts about Pinoy Fear Factor and Fear Factor.

Did you know?

That Fear Factor is already shown and in over 120 countries global.

That Chivas Malunda of Pinoy Dream Academy is the one who sung the Pinoy Fear Factor theme song.

That Filipino or Pinoy is the 30th lahi (I don't what Lahi in english. Hehe Sorry!) that have Fear Factor show.

That you have to pass almost 3 continents going from Philippines to Argentina where Pinoy Fear Factor was shoot.

That Gail Nicolas is one of 100 most sexy of FHM Magazine.

That Chikas means Girls and Chikos for Boys (I don't if got the correct spelling for Chikas and Chikos. :D)

That "Uno, Dos, Tres, Vamos!" means One, Two, Three, Go!.

Fear Factor U.S.A. Trivia

When you use live animals such as rats and snakes on the show, how do you make sure they are not hurt or mistreated?
Fear Factor always hires professional animal handlers that raise and take care of the animals. These are the same handlers that work many major TV and movie productions. When animals are involved in a stunt, the handlers are present on set at all times. They also advise producers on how to humanely and safely interact with the animals.

Who composed/performed the Fear Factor theme song?
The theme song was composed and performed by Russ Landau.

Do the producers do the stunts, to see how scary they are?
Each physical stunt is tested many times for safety reasons. This involves the coordinating producer, Perry Barndt, and his crew. Joe Rogan, on the first show he ever taped, actually ate sheep's eyes once the contestants had completed the stunt. Says Joe, It was like a half-cooked, hard-boiled egg that was dropped into ink and snot. The texture was so bad your body just violently rejected it.

Where do they come up with the gross stunt ideas?
Producer Matt Kunitz and his team are responsible for each show's disgusting stunt.

Do the players really do some of these dangerous stunts or is it just a trick?
All players must actually complete each stunt, or they will not advance in the game.

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