Thursday, December 4, 2008

A cockroach breakfast for Elmer

On the December 3 episode of Pinoy Fear Factor, the stunts are really getting harder and harder. Of course, yuckier! Lol. I hope there is a such word as "YUCKIER". ^^, Anyway, as usual... hehe Manuel still got the immunity for the next stunt, and was actually asked by Ryan if he will give his immunity to other 1 female Participate to be tutted as gentleman. Well, Manuel didn't gave it. For me there is nothing wrong with that because he's right, this is a competition, he worked hard for that immunity and why should he give it to other person? And in fact it will be unfair to other chicas who will not be chosen by him to have the immunity. But making that decision didn't ran as easy as that. Manuel, was so emotional when making the decision [he actually cried, a little tears. hehe]. And i think he did the right choice then because the next stunt after the "andamyo" is you need to catch "cockroach" using your mouth and transfer it into another container which is very much yucky! Hehehe... And there it comes that a cockroach has been a breakfast for Elmer.

I actually haven't seen the whole scene yet but it was confirmed that Elmer ate a cockroach when doing the stunt. Naahhh! I don't even want one to step on my skin, much more to eat one. Whoa! I even chilled with that snake stunt before, much more with this stunt! Hahaiz... Pinoy Fear Factor really rocks! Whew! ^^, And by the way, Doc Elmer is now also [officially] member of the LOSER PumpSquad. Hehe... Well, goodluck to Doc! Bleehh...

Anyway, below are the full video clip of the December 3 episode of Pinoy Fear Factor.

Enjoy! ^^,

Pinoy Fear Factor December 3 episode - 1/3

Pinoy Fear Factor December 3 episode - 2/3

Pinoy Fear Factor December 3 episode - 3/3


  1. Yuck! ewww... ano kaya lasa nun?

    go manuel!

  2. kadiri naman nyan! eww....

    tga davao supports manuel! go!
    patumbahin mo ang mga walang binatbat na pumpsquad manuel! go!

  3. yuck!

    super kadiri! hahaha...

    mukang kakailanganin na namn ng doctor ni doc! hahaha...

  4. naahhh..i don't like cockcroach at all! so kadiri! duhh....

  5. manuel! kaya mo yan! we all suports you here in QC! go go! patumbahin mo ang mga pump squad lalo na si jommy!

  6. alis kana jommy ui!


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