Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lj succeed on beating one member of PumpsQuad

Lj really did a good job on beating PumpSquad leader Jose Sarasola to be eliminated from the competition. Lj ends as the leading Participante on the last stunt for the 4th elimination round of the race. Lj beats Jose and Jommy with the length of 1m and 5cm from the Pinoy Fear Factor logo, far enough from the score that Jommy got, and to Jose.

However, Jose didn't went home sadly because he has given a chance to celebrate his birthday in Argentina together with his fellow Participantes [you can read the full story about his birthday by clicking here].

To watch the full episode, click here!
More photos ahead! ^^,


  1. jose meron kayong chemistry ni janna

  2. bagay na bagay kayu ni Janna...go Janna and Jose..


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