Thursday, December 18, 2008

Manuel still set as Super Manuel

Manuel has again proved that he deserves to be called as Super Manuel. On this night's episode, Manuel took the 50,000 Php price for the Ronda Sin De Eliminacion of Pinoy Fear Factor. He took the prize by beating co-Participantes Janna and Marion who was actually had difficulties on winning the round because of his smoking habit.

On the other side, Jommy really feels guilty on not having the chance to win the 50,000Php prize for the Ronda sin Eliminacion, the same as Lj and Rj feels. The amount is not that huge but it's already a big help for us specially now in this time of crisis.

Actually, the result haven't been announced yet but based on what i watched this night, it's official, Manuel won the round!

By the way guys, I'm so sorry for leaving this blog dead for few days, i just got sicked, and still recovering. Hehe But i'm okay now! ^^,

So guys, Keep on hanging around! ^^,

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