Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marion as Marian?

Whoa! Last night i've been able to watch PFF inspite of hectic holiday scheds. It was a good one, although i didn't finished the whole episode but still i got a very interesting topic. Lol. I bet all of you are also wondering about Marion's true identity. Hmmm...

I don't know why i didn't wrote about this thing before, well, maybe i find this thing as a sense less thing before, but now it makes sense to me then because of the interview of Marion last night saying that his Dad is not watching Fear Factor anymore because of his identity issue. His friends in Australia are calling his family asking if he is a gay. The good thing is Marion said, that he is "CONFIDENCE" [yes confidence! ^^,] that he's not gay.

Huh! If he will be called as Marian, i think it will not be a good gimmick. Abs-cbn's executives would hate that name. And Boy Abunda too. Hehe Am just playing. ^^,

So guys, i will now back to my holiday break! See yah! ^^,

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