Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor holiday break

Yes guys not only us will be having a Christmas break but also our beloved show. Pinoy Fear Factor will not be airing the rest of the competition this holiday season, instead having a christmas special for the show which is just a flash back or recalling the past episodes. The special is hosted by Marc Logan, and it was started monday this week. So guys, also... maybe i will be also having some time break on giving you the latest news and updates with the show as "Family First" will be my priority this season. ^^, But don't worry maybe if i found great juice within the special episodes maybe i will give time to share it to you.

But as of now, let's have a great and merry christmas! Happy new year ahead! ^^,


  1. Hi there, thanks for dropping by at my blog. This is a late response coz am not online for the past weeks. I saw your message in my comment box. Yea, no prob with link ex, just go to my link page and leave a comment there. Be sure that I'm already in your blogroll before you leave a comment :)

    Happy New year!! More blessings to all of us. cheers!! :)

  2. PFF rocks!!!galing ng pinoy.,.,sna next audition ng PFF mkpunta aq.,.,.pno nga b mksli s Pinoy Fear Factor???HELP ME pls.,.,

  3. wag ka dito mag inquiredoon ka sa mga nakaka.alam! bogo!


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