Monday, January 19, 2009

Ex-participantes reveal bets for El Ultimo Participante

In their first press conference last January 14, the five eliminated participantes of Pinoy Fear Factor revealed their bets for the El Ultimo Participante or Grand Winner of the reality show.

But the reports got me confused. According to TV Patrol World (video below), the ex-participantes voted for three contestants. On the other hand, according to, RJ Calipus, aka El Gato de Parola, got the majority of the votes.

TV Patrol World reported the Host Pheomela Baranda's and model Gail Nicolas' bet is Manuel Chua, aka Supermanuel. Chef Jose Sarasola and Vet Elmer Felix went for RJ. Cager Ram Sagad meanwhile voted for Jommy Teotico, aka "Scorpion King."

On the other hand, Entertainment Editor of Edgar Cruz wrote four votes for RJ [see the article in this url,] and one vote for Manuel. Elmer, Jose, Ram and Gail think RJ would win while only Phem chose Manuel.

What's the real score? Is TV Patrol World misleading us so that we shouldn't think that Manuel will win the two million pesos and the house and lot? Or did got the wrong report?

ABS-CBN has the motive of keeping us from thinking Manuel would win. Currently, Manuel is dominating the games. Everyone is thinking he will bag the prize. It will be good for the ratings if Manuel's name is kept on the news. on the other hand, has no motive of falsifying reports at all.

Here is the video:

Who do you think is giving us the wrong reports?

This is a guest from Richie Montalbo of Idiot Box. He is writing a series of Pinoy Fear Factor episode reviews for his Idiot Box Coverage of Pinoy Fear Factor.


  1. bitin nmn ung episode ngaung gabi, hndi man lang inanounce ung nanlo ng 50K, pero sa palagay ko si JOMMY ang nanalo dahil hndi xa namatayan ng makina maski n muntik ng ikapahamak ng mga argentinian staff pagtalon ng kotse, masado kasing minadali ni manuel ang pagdadrive.pero its just a guess for know, ill be waiting for the announcement for tomorrow's episode. goodnight everyone!!!

    sa episode kagabi ng PFF mukang bagsak ang kinagigiliwan ng tao na si MANUEL CHUA JR. halata nmn na mas mabilis ang tym ni JOMMY sa kanya at hndi pa ito namatayan ng makina,, palyado?? palyado siguro ang tingin ni manuel dahil naunahan ito na taranta at excitement nawala tuloi sa concentration, hehehe better luck next tyime manuel. bawi k nlng sa ibang stunt.

  3. san ba ang location ng premyo ng bahay at lupa ng PFF?

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  5. Jommy is the ultimate Pinoy fear factor winner!!!!


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