Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Final Week has come

Another heart-pounding episode.Continuation of the stunt, Manuel was so frustrated, well, with his performance he should be.He made a wrong strategy so he is in danger of being eliminated.

I was laughing wryly at Jommy, he’s such a little kid.Did you see his expression and the way he laughed when he learned about Manuel’s predicament?? …anyway, much as i’d love Manuel to be the winner of PFF, as of now i am not raising my hopes up…

This time Ryan made Manuel choose who’s next, seeing how “disturbed” Manuel was, of course Manuel chose Marion..

Marion’s twitchy, but his twitchiness usually led him to successfully finish a stunt…i dunno, i guess it’s adrenalin rush?? BUT i stand by my earlier statement, i don’t consider him a Kryptonite!how can he be a kryptonite???just because he successfully finishes a stunt and annoyed the hell out of Manuel doesn’t mean he is!

Marion was the fastest, as far as i know,then Jommy,then Manuel(crosses fingers)… Janna was last to perform the stunt…Unlucky for her, it started to rain so the sand was mixed with water, making it very hard to DIG…the Argentinian Staff were very worried about Janna because the sand fell down on her HARD while she she was trying to go out.Knowing Janna’s fear of closed space, they started DIGGING.But she was OKAY, so she was left alone again.

In my estimation, Janna took longer than Manuel, but like i said i am not raising my hopes up.This is what i hate most about PFF..they just keep us in suspense by not showing the time…

If by any chance,(though i hope NOT) Manuel gets the BOOT tonight, oh well…i couldn’t care less who wins PFF…

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