Saturday, May 2, 2009

South Eastern Mindanao Cheering Squad champs in the 16th YFC- ILC in Cebu

"They say they're dancing with God. We say, It's like you makes us dance with God too."

Heha. Last April 3-5 2009, over 15,000 youths from different side of the world gathered in the glory of the Lord. The 16th International Leader's Conference of Youth For Christ, took place at the Queen City of the South, Cebu City.

There are several creative competitions happened. One is the Cheer dance competition which were participated by 4 squads representing regions in the YFC community, Southern Tagalog, Central Visayas, North Eastern Mindanao, and South Eastern Mindanao.

Among the participants, there's one squad who out stand in the crowd, and that was the Cheering Squad of South-Eastern Mindanao, who actually came from Davao City, Cluster of Calinan- South D.

And yep... Am one of the dancers for the squad. Hehe Well, I mean it... This is not really a competition, but it's just showing to other people what God has given to us, and how He want us to use it... only for Him.

So that's it. The South-Eastern Mindanao cheering squad Champs in the 16th Youth For Christ, International Leaders Conference held at Cebu City.

Hmmm... Are you craving for it? Well. It's definitely in here. Hehe

By the way, I just would like to pin out, All of us were champion! Why? Because all of us had the chance to participate in this year's YFC- ILC!!! So, guys see you in Baguio City on 2010 and let's rendezvous again! ^^,

Watch our performance, just right here! ^^,

Enjoy the video. I mean the slide show! :D

Note: The full video hasn't uploaded in Youtube yet. We're still looking for the best captured video ever! Hehe.

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