Monday, January 25, 2010

My very own Funny Photo edits

LOL. I just wanna share this to you guys... This morning I found a kinda great site that lets you create funny pictures online. I know you are already hooked with other funny photo generator but I tell you this one offers different and numbers of cool photo effects.

What I like most with this site is that it doesn't requires you to be a geek...I mean if you have just started learning how computer and internet works, this site really fits for you. So what else you could on this site? You can make funny photos yourself that's without a help from any other person. Generate funny photos as many as you can; it's unlimited. And of course the best thing is, it's absolutely free. It won't prompt you to any billing page that asks for your credit card numbers or any billing information. Again, It's absolutely free, and there's no catch at all.

To generate your funny photos online log on to now and just follow their simple instructions.

Here are some of the photos that I generated. [More photos after the jump]

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