Tuesday, April 13, 2010

USA Online Casino Blue Book

Yeah, you usually heard that blue book term in mafias doing some nasty underground jobs in the world. Well, i regret that i used that term for this post. Anyway to be exact I'm referring to a Full list of the best online USA casinos operating actively.

I'm not a USA casino whore actually, but I've been receiving numbers of question in my inbox asking these freaky questions. Be glad I am sharing this to you jerk.

So I'm sighting usacasino.org to be the best gambling portal I've ever read. They review all online USA casinos fairly well. I mean there no such thing as favoritism and biased reviews. You will definitely get the information you need. And take note, they only list the BEST and most POPULAR USA casinos an nothing more, so expect to get the best.

What I like most about this portal is their system, they have this casino directory thing [that is pretty helpful] and i say this is the best directory I've ever used. Even an uneducated person can understand and use it to the max. They also features no deposit casinos (play with free casino money), flash casinos (no software download required), and various casino deposit methods for easy deposits and all of these online casinos are safe, secure, and offer fantastic levels of customer support [sounds catchy right?].

It's your call dude. You know me, you know how do i give recommendations... if i give, expect it to be the best! ^^,


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