Saturday, May 1, 2010

Myrtle Beach Golf Packages

Myrtle Beach Resort has been buzzing the family members since Monday, that's when Dad announced that we will be going there for a 3-day vacation. It's exciting everyone because we are longing to go to that place since we learned from a family-friend that that is an awesome place. Well, honestly, I think those points to my feelings about this outing now. Haha

As I'm Google-ing for Myrtle Beach Hotels and possible accommodations that we will take, I found Prince Resort as the best among them. Actually, I just wanna avail their mother's day promotion for their golf packages, you all know that I'm a golf whore. HAHA Dad will love this too, I'm sure.

I still need to talk Dad about these wonderful stuffs i found. I just hope that he would agree to what I want. :)

If you're also going to Myrtle Beach, please take Prince Resort [] as your resting place their. LOL That's so that we can also have our just little time of knowing each other. Hehe I'll update you as soon as further developments happened. :D

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