Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: a US Online Casino

Let me talk about this time. Maybe it's just so timely 'cause I've been reviewing several online casinos since the start of the month. Let me deliver my review this time in a different way. I'm gonna make a two columns (not really columns) which are the PROS and CONS which basically indicates what can a player could benefit from this portal, and what can he lose. :)

*No Location restriction
*Big bonus online casinos
*Multi language casinos
*Safe and Trust worthy casinos
*Easy navigation

*poor site design

And that's it.

Personally, site design is really important since that will be the first thing that you will see in a site. Content is the king though; king weights more than the physical appearance.

All in all, is way good compared to other online casino portal out there. Their content is way superior than others. You should not forget to check their Help page to give you more idea what is the whole thing, when you're still starting.

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