Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Internet Marketing tools you would never think useful

Whether you are starting out with internet marketing or are an advanced player, the following free tools will greatly increase your productivity. We will be discussing about simple PDF creation, HTML editors, email clients, mp3 file creation among others. While you may have expensive fancy software taking care of these, you might be surprised by the free software which do the exact same job – and which are often lighter on your hardware resources!

Free, and easy-to-use to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and databases. It's like Microsoft Office – but in my opinion better. Why? Cause it doesn't cost 500 bucks to have, is supported on Windows, Macs and Linux and also supports PDF creation!

Making PDF documents is as easy as writing your document together with pictures and all (just like any word processor), then you just have to click File ---> Export as PDF. Give it a name, select the destination to be saved (Desktop, My Documents or anywhere else), and you're done!

By the way, the standard (not pro) version of Adobe Acrobat (the “default” application to create PDFs) costs 300 bucks.

Yeah, you read right! You just saved $800 with!


I'm talking about, not .

Wordpress is perhaps one of the greatest tools which gave a huge boost to the internet marketing world. It allows people with little to no technical knowledge to easily get a website published on the world wide web!

While it was originally meant to be a blogging platform, Wordpress is now used for a wide range of purposes. From e-commerce to landing pages to squeeze pages to salespages to membership sites! I could go on and on with wordpress uses!

Depending on what you want, you have a choice of thousands of free themes. A theme is basically how your site looks like. You can choose a business theme or a fun theme – your content will stay right there, even if you change the theme again tomorrow!

Format It

If you are an email marketer, then you wouldn't want your readers to hit the back button or worse, delete your email just because it was too hard to read.

People love wide screens, but they hate reading emails worded from the left screen to the extreme right. They want to read everything in one place. How do you give them what they want?

You simply write your email in your word processor (for example, you select all, copy, then go to and then paste your text there. Select you desired column width (40 – 50 is fine) then hit submit.

There you have it, a nicely formatted piece of text, ready to be mailed!

You don't need Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat or big money to hire a web designer to get your feet wet in the online world.

With just the 3 tools I've given you, you can start off a nice little business and build from there!

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