Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 Things that women should know about Justin Bieber

We know Justin Bieber is a ladies' man. We know he's in a kinda, sorta romance with Selena Gomez. He really can sing, he loves his momager, and he's a Twitter phenomenon.

You would think with all the overexposure, there'd be nothing left to dig up on the tween sensation. Well, think again...

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We see a whole new side of the Biebs In a wide-ranging interview in the new issue of Vanity Fair, in which he reveals his "nuts" state of mind, his fear of enclosed spaces, his insomnia problems, his own idols and where he sees himself later in life. He's a smart kid, the Biebs, and he even tweeted the mag's cover shot, calling it "the most intense interview I ever did."

See what we discovered...

1. He Resisted His Trademark 'Do: It was first envisioned and cut by stylist Vanessa Price, who worked on his debut album cover shoot one year ago. The Biebs' hair was long and sloppy, and Price says he didn't want to change it to his now famous floppy cut in the beginning. Now he won't let anyone else but Price handle his coif. The two are even collaborating on a future new ‘do already, but he realizes he can't touch it yet, because it's his trademark. Bieber's even aware of the website "Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber," spoofing women sporting Bieber hair.

2. He's a Master Mimic: We've all seen him solve a Rubik's cube in less than two minutes on YouTube. But he can copy break-dance moves, uncannily imitate people in SNL skits, and he memorized a difficult Hebrew prayer that he now says on a nightly basis. "Just the way my brain works," he explained in the interview.

3. He Went on a Dinner Date With Kobe Bryant : We know Justin Timberlake and Usher love him like a little brother, and he loves performers, but he's also obsessed with basketball stars. A huge L.A. Lakers fan, Bieber was looking for some advice from an idol of his own when Bryant took him out to a dinner, just the two of them. Bryant's advice? "Don't take any s--t."

4. He's "Nuts"...Like The Beatles: "I'm crazy, I'm nuts," he tells the magazine. "I'm not normal, I think differently, my mind is always racing. I'm just...nuts. But I think the best ones probably are...The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Tupac." His bedroom on his tour bus is lined with posters of all three. He's also claustrophobic and sleeps in that bedroom with a nightlight because he doesn't like it pitch black. He doesn't like elevators either.

5. He'd Love to Take a Preshow Hit of LSD: After asking the interviewer if John Lennon was really stoned when he recorded "Dear Prudence," Bieber reveals he wants to try acid to see "what would happen." He later says he's joking. He really does want to visit the moon though—but not until it's "90 percent safe."

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