Friday, January 7, 2011

Capcom explains how new costumes will interact with Super Street Fighter IV

Let's face it -- once those new Super Street Fighter IV costumes come out, the game's community will be split into two age-old castes: The haves and the have-nots. How will these two groups be able to play against one another, when one sports fancy duds the likes of which the other has never seen? Capcomrecently explained that players without the DLC who play against a character using a new costume will still be able to fight against said player, though it will appear as though they're wearing their default costume.

This switcheroo can be prevented by downloading a free "Catalogue" add-on, which will allow players without the DLC to see the new outfits on other players. The Catalogue will come in two chunks, the first half arriving on Oct. 26 -- the same day as the first batch of costumes -- and the second on Dec. 21. This add-on has only been announced for the 360 so far; we've contacted Capcom to see if PS3 players will have access to it as well.

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