Saturday, January 8, 2011

Samsung 9 Series Notebook Specs and Prices

Weighing in at 2.89lbs, the Samsung 9 Series barely bested the Macbook Air 13.3 at 2.9lbs. And the specs are pretty impressive too.

Local reps of Samsung have actually told us about this upcoming unit back in December, claiming it will be thinner the the Mac Air so I’m not that very surprised to see this announcement.

Samsung 9 Series
13.3″ display at 1366×768
Intel Core i5 Processor 2537M @ 1.40 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 2.3 GHz)
Intel HD GT2 Integrated Graphics
128GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional (64 bit)
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
USB 3.0
Bluetooth 3.0
3 watt (1.5watt x 2) stereo speakers & 1.5watt sub-woofer
Lithium Polymer, up to 6.5 hours

The body is also made up aluminum too and comes with some curvy designs. Looks pretty interesting though I’m really hoping the 9 Series also comes in an 11.6″ display.

Coming out next month for a suggested retail price of $1,599, the Samsung 9 Series. At little steep but the high-end 13.3″ Macbook Air is also the at the same price.

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