Saturday, January 8, 2011

Samsung will offer access to TV, VOD from Time Warner & Comcast on its Galaxy Tab, TVs

Samsung is following Sony's lead by enabling owners of its tablets and TVs to control their cable boxes and access content directly via IP from Comcast and Time Warner Cable. For Comcast users, a new Xfinity TV app on the Smart TVs brings an all new "web-like GUI" (that looks a lot like the new set-top box interface it's currently testing) for accessing live TV, DVR recordings and VOD.Plans for the Galaxy Tab sounds just like the Xfinity Remote for iPad, with control and access to streaming TV and movies, with plans to add the ability to pause and resume across different devices in the future. Time Warner Cable followed up its partnership with Sony by announcing it's streaming live TV over IP directly to Samsung TVs and tablets, as well streaming from a DVR to TV or tablet in another room. Both services are expect "later this year," check the press releases after the break or our live blog from the event for more details.

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