Friday, October 31, 2008

2 more Pinoy Fear Factor Contestants revealed

Two more Pinoy Fear Factor Participantes revealed last night at Tv-Patrol World, the primetime news show of Abs-cbn. 10 participantes (contestants) has been already revealed, and two more to go the list of 12 contestants will be completed.

The previous announced contestants of PFF (Pinoy Fear Factor), namely:

Prima Participante: LJ Moreno
Segunda Participante: Phoemela Barranda
Tercero Participante: Ram Sagad
Cuarta Participante: Jamie Ann "Janna" Dominguez
Quinto Participante: Marion Angelo dela Cruz
Sexto Participante:Elmer Felix
Septima Participante: Gail Nicolas
Octavo Participante: Jommy Teotico, 2

And here are the two other much-awaited PFF contestants/ participantes.

Bernabe "RJ" Calipus Jr. - ang
kargador tondo dad

profile >>

Manuel Chua Jr. - the struggling

profile >>

As the scheduled airing of the newest reality show approaches sooner, the excitement of the people also gets higher. And who would not? By the teaser and trailers that the management released, the stunts are really breath-taking and so amazing. Duhh... I can't wait until the Nov. 10 then. Lol.

Tomorrow, we will know the last two contestants of PFF. It will be announced on Tv-Patrol World, and will take a coverage of it. :D So consider subscribing into our RSS Feed or via Email to receive the latest news and updates on Pinoy Fear Factor.

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