Thursday, October 30, 2008

Which is the official site of PinoyFearFactor?

As Pinoy Fear Factor rises, many sites has been arised acclaiming as they are the official Fan Site of the latest reality tv show of the country, Pinoy Fear Factor. Good thing that many are really interested about the show, but are they really legitimates and trust worthy??? Well, you will be the best judge.

On my journey (yes it's a journey. Hehe) on this cyberspace looking for unwanted things. Hahaha... simply, as I try to find PFF (PinoyFearFactor) sites, I graciously found a lot. A lot that seems so unwanted. Hmmm... Many of that sites i found just have About Page, then Gallery & Videos and some feeds of articles from News Portals, then nothing more. Can i call it scam sites? Lol. Well, I don't have the right to judge anything, or anybody. I can only express my opinions. Hehe

As this journey goes by, I found reliable and official site that could be my sources of informations and be my reference on blogging about Pinoy Fear Factor.

I will not be like a xerox machine as I assure you that every entry that will be posted here is 100% true and original written by me. Kindly go to the Privacy Page to testify it. Nyok!

Well, I will not be too talkative then (only on this post. Hehe), as I will now give you the sites wherein truth is merging and not fraud. :D

Reliable PFF Sites/Blogs:

- (Of course, I should be the first. Lol. :P)
- (The PFF official site)

- (I'm pretty sure that this is not the official site of PFF)

Be the best judge! :D

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