Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor 6th episode highlights - Lj's charm

After last night's episode, I was really convinced to get involved into a new relationship then (I'm single, looking for a lovely girl. Hahaha) Lol. I've just get inspired with the connection of Maxi (a PFF production assistant) with the charming Lj. On the starting day of the stunt 1 on the second round of elimination, even it's still early Lj already put her make up on hoping that she will meet the "boy next door" Maxi, and they did! Lj really stated that she has a crush on Maxi, well, there are both single there is nothing wrong with that. A revelation has been also revealed (Ofcourse. :D), Lj was said not really putting make-up on the daily basis except if there will be occassions, that was Phem said. Sa tingin ko bagay talaga sila! Sana sila nalang. Hehe.

On the other side, even though that day Lj was so inspired, she still didn't finished the stunt. Infact Maxi was cheering for her at the grounds, maybe she just got conscious and didn't concentrated to the activity.

For a while, I won't let you miss this sweet thing! I got a video from youtube containing the 6th episode's highlights of course including the Lj-Maxi tandem.

The sweet thing,

Btw, I'm sorry for posting this entry late, I was just get interrupted with the internet connection lose. Huhuhu Thank God it's now fixed. :D

Here's now the video. Enjoy! :D

1 comment:

  1. yep. kakakilig nga yun kagabi. haha

    go Lj and maxi.



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