Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Covering up the "confrontation" thing

Whew! Thank God that i got the chance to watch the episode last night. Hmmm... Last night's episode is kinda interesting yet makes no sense to me. Oh wait! Let me say this thing first... Why are they [abs-sbn people] extending the show to fullest??? Are they doing this just to extend the show and make more money from it? Ohhh! Shame! It makes them so unprofessional. Duhh... Why not just let an incident shown up and then proceed to the next thing, and they are keep on airing those hooppy incidents between Manuel and Jommy and the group and keep on betraying us to watch it on the expected time. Whew! Well, i can't do anything with that one, so stop complaining ALdwin. Hehe

So back to the topic... Jommy is just making the things more complicated. They [Jommy, Marion, and the rest] are digging up to piss Manuel. If he thinks that Manuel is not true with his self on the reason he gave on picking up Jommy to go over to the next round, then the Hell he cares! He can just actually keep that on his mind and let the thing flow. Unless he's trying to make a scene that would lift him up to the height of the competition. Duhh...

And Marion, nakikisaw-saw ka! Gusto mo ring maki-sali sa eksena eh. And also, Hoy Marion! Pinoy Fear Factor is different from Pinoy Big Brother! The love-team strategy will not work on here... Remember, it's not the votes of the people who will decide if you're goign to stay or not, it's your stamina! Your body and strength! I know you guys know what i'm tryign to say.

Well, everything in here is going so dump...Can't anything now.



  2. Manuel lng

    Gow Savanah

    "The Girl in Shining Tooth"

  3. patawa talaga si jommy! malakas mang-alaska pero ubod ng pikon! ha3! nung tinanong ni ryan kung ano masasabi ni jommy sa pagkakapili sa kanya ni manuel, okey lang daw at kung siya man yun eh pipiliin niya si manuel. then later, after the game, si manuel daw eh plastic! halerrr?!? look who’s talking.


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