Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pinoy Fear Factor February 09 episode

Contiuation of the icky stunt.Haay, Savannah was terrible, darn it, what kind of revenge was that? Marion got 4 strawberrys! tsk,tsk….and here i was expecting him to choke on a slab of meat..hmp! lol…

Anyway, Marion’s strawberry is nothing compared to Jommy’s.If Savannah messed it up, double for Janna..no strategy girl! what the hell were you thinking? Jommy got double on what Marion had…Jommy did good! as for Janna, we have yet to see her stunt in tonight’s episode.

What in heaven’s name is up with the trailer?

Tonight, Manuel has to decide on something, i wonder what…they keep on insinuating that it was because of Janna…

because of Janna again? girl, if that is indeed true, ang haba ng hair mo…what is it with you that make men crazy? Janna is pretty but so are millions of girls out there…can anyone tell me? LOL

Or maybe this is just one of those things PFF exaggerates…we’ll know for sure tonight..

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  1. maliit lang na correction... marion caught 6 strawberries and not 4.


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