Thursday, July 23, 2009

I am registering for Philippines' 2010 Elections

This week was the time allotted for our district's satellite registration for new and transfer registration for the Philippines' 2010 Elections. I was so excited but also disappointed. Hehe The process is soooo loooong. Well, actually it's not the process, it's moving on to the next part of the process. Lol Am I making you confused? What I mean is, because of the volume of people who will make their registration, the process went like a stagnant water. It would gonna make you at least an 4 hours to finish your registration.

Although, it went like that, I'm still thankful that COMELEC took the initiative to have satellite registrations on each Districts in the country. I hope this is also happening to other cities, since I know specially here in Mindanao that bad groups are trying to disrupt all the efforts of government just to get attention from the society.

I must say, Davao City is lucky enough since it has already established its good governance and strict city policies and orders. Media people are also in focus to city government's actions, so I think that is also one of the factor why they are doing their job well.

Although the city government is strictly implementing all its rules and orders, there are still people who are not obeying it. Let me quote what happened to me this morning. When I'm standing on the line, waiting for my name to be called to have the final process for my registration, There was a woman, I think on it's early 40, confidently smoking and bursting the smoke from her mouth towards us, I get her attention and said, "Can you went somewhere else and there have your smoke?" she just smiled and faced back and continue to smoke while on the line. On the height of my humbleness I got pissed and went back to her and said, "Don't you know that it is prohibited by the city law to have a smoke on a public place?," [the satellite registration was held on a public school] "If you're not going to stop what you're doing right now, I'll gonna call the central 911 and get you arrested by the police." Yep! I really did it. Without hesitation, all those words blurted on my mouth. Hey, of course I said it to her using the Cebuano dialect. Haha I can't imagine saying those words in front of the locals in English. Lol

I was really happy of what I have did this morning. It was an action that benefit everybody on that place since all of us are complaining about her smoking in front of us, with other women brought their babies with them. What happened to the lady who looks like a man? She then stepped the cigarette butt and apologized in a joke-way. Hehe

I'm still 17 years old but I'll gonna turn 18 by January next year. So by May 2010, I'm then already illegible to vote... vote for my choice whom I think will chance the Philippines. Hopefully. ^^,

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