Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Bollywood Six Vedio Scandal

I'm having a greed on SEO experiments right now, and this keyword, the "The Bollywood Six Vedio Scandal" came up into my mind. As i checked Google trends six vedios, six vidios searches mostly came from countries who are largely dominated by Muslim perks. That is also the reason why I chose the Bollywood for this experiment since Bollywood is widely known in these Muslim countries that they tend to look for some pleasure-related stuffs from these people in Bollywood.

So In general, I am optimizing for the The Bollywood Six Vedio Scandal. I'm also urging you [if you're a blogger and want to optimise for this keyword too] to start blogging about The Bollywood Six Vedio Scandal now and let's make this working.

If you've already wrote your entry leave your post url here [use the comment form] so that I could locate your post and include it here on my post.

Btw, you can also use the Bollywood six vidios, Bollywood six vidios scandal, and Bollywood six scandal keywords to have a more wide coverage for this experiment/keyword.

Good luck to our harsh experiment and hope this would work out fine.

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