Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Facebook, an excellent internet marketing tool

Why is facebook an important place for you to get your business on? Because it's the #2 most visited website in the world! With high traffic everyday, you have the opportunity get your website displayed to thousands of people for free.

However, as with everything, there is a good and a bad way to do things. Blatantly posting your link on every walls, comments and groups will eventually get you banned. Worse, you will give your business a bad name and people will instantly tag it as a “scam” on sight.


It's not only about signing up and “getting your links out there”. Join related groups, make useful posts, have your website link in your Info page only – at least in the beginning.

Users will like you and trust you more if you do it slow and steady. Help people out at first, it'll pay off.

Create a fan page

Create a fan page talking a bit about your offer, but don't stop here! Provide good stuffs for your target people. Quality articles, quizzes, games etc. Make it interactive – not just a passive boring page which will die in less than a week.

A fan page is great to showcase your portfolio (if you are a photographer, designer or in any similar field). You can really build up a fan base which like your work and in turn hire you.

If you have lots of active members, treat the fan page as your blog. Give away interviews, free gifts and all.

Build a list

Ever heard “The money is in the list”? Well, it's the plain truth. I mean, it's not the ONLY way to make money, but it's undoubtedly the easiest, once you've done the initial hard work.

Most of the time, the hard work is in driving traffic to your squeeze page. But here, you are already exposing your website to thousands of visitors, so you are already doing half of the load. All you've got to do is put up some kick-ass squeeze page copy up, and send the traffic to it, and rake in subscribers.

Listen, this is social marketing. It's all about acting as a person who wants to participate. Have your own name as profile name. It's enough to have your business name mentioned in your info section and fan page. Don't over-do it.

When people see samples of your work, see that you give lots of good stuffs free and all, they WILL check your info page out, and if they sign up, they will be quality leads.

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