Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time is Gold in Internet Marketing

The most significant aspect of internet marketing is undeniably content writing. Unless you can convince the visitors to your website to convert into your customers, you cannot hope to see money roll in your Paypal account, much less your bank account. That is one thing you have to bear in mind. The other fact is perhaps even more worrying. To convert your visitors into buyers, you to to at least have a few visitors coming to your website once in a while. There is no appreciable means you can adopt to con the authority sites. If you want to be ranked by Google or any of the big players of the Internet, you need to provide content to satisfy their readers. There is no short way out.

Where content writing is concerned, time is equal to money. If you take the time to plot the rate at which you write against the money you make, you'll most probably get the nicest straight line graph of all times. It follows that if you take an hour or more to write an article, you might as well give up on internet marketing unless you have the money to outsource your workload. Alternatively you can train yourself to write fast. Here is a hard truth for you. It is possible for you to write a high quality article in no more than 10 minutes and it has nothing to do with ability and talent with words or rather the lack of it for many of us. Article writing can be resolved in an assembly of lines and that is where the fun begins

Right, maybe I should tell you this straight away so you don't harbour any misconceptions. When I say you can write a high quality article in less than 10 minutes, I am talking about an article of a moderate wordcount, that is an article of around 400 words. The article will serve as a general guide for your readers and may influence them to seek more information or follow any links you provide. You can hardly expect to come up with an article that will have your readers jumping up and down in a mindless frenzy because you brought to them the biggest and best kept secret in the world.

Why am I telling you all this? Why can't you take an hour or more to write an piece of content. One of the advantages of internet marketing is working at your own pace right? Internet marketing does allow you to work at your own pace but you need to bear efficiency in mind. If we do some maths. If you write an article in under 10 minutes, in an hour you can write six articles which is pretty good and rewarding. 6 articles to put up on 3 different websites and create backlinks on a daily basis. You can bet the authority sites will love you. On a separate note, if you are a ghostwriter and you get paid a bare minimum of $4 for a 400 word article, in an hour you make $24. That is much more than most people make.

To sum things up, internet marketing is a good way to start making money right away but you need to get efficient with your content writing. Unless you can afford to outsource your content writing jobs, you will need to learn how to do it yourself. It will take you perhaps a week's worth hard work and dedication to get really good at what you do. If at the end of the first month you still take an hour to write a 400 word article, you know you're hopeless.

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