Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Internet Marketing Tools: Free Article Spinner Software

If you are a ghostwriter or quite simply a website owner who uses SEO-compliant articles to promote your business, you might have come across the term 'article spinning' at some point or another. What a spinner software does is really simple to understand. Like its name suggests, the software spins the content of the articles you write and comes up with multiple versions of the same article and these are usually 30% - 70% unique (some claim to give 100% uniqueness – true, but human readership is almost non-existent). Obviously there are some spinner software more reliable and efficient than others and you need to be mindful of that fact when you consider the purchase of a spinner software.

The basic need of any Internet marketer is content. The last thing you want is to get slapped by Google or any other search engine. Whether you want to increase the traffic to your website or you want to convert a larger number of the visitors to your website into customers, you need content to convey take your business to your prospects and do so effectively. However there are some definitions that need to be applied to the content you provide for your readers. Content is not always the synonym of traffic and more money, good quality content is. This is not rocket science. It's pure logic. People surf the Internet for information. If you have the content they need, then you are on. Content is perhaps your best investment for your online business. However original content does not sell for peanuts. Only too often, established business owners pay up to $25 for a 400 word article. Can you afford that? If not, you might want to consider the purchase of a spinner software.
That's right! I phrased it well. You might want to consider the purchase of a spinner software. The key word here is consider. If you don't want to learn a few facts about the spinner software out there on the market, then you might want to do a bit of homework prior to taking out your credit card. Wise buying is a very desirable characteristic indeed. You would be surprised how many stupid spinner software exist on the market that spin the content of your articles in the real sense of the word and generate some junk articles that you can hardly decipher. You can pay as much as $197 for a rubbish article rewriter software so you need to watch out.

Ideally a spinner software drastically reduces your article turnover time and produce multiple versions of your original content. Some select few spinner software also have thesaurus as an integral part which constantly updates itself by synchronizing with the thousands of users working with the system. A spinner software usually provides you with a selection of “good synonyms” and “best synonyms” that you can use to spin your articles. Once you make your choice of synonyms the Spinner software identifies all the phrases and individual words in your article and replace them. Very good article rewriter software ensure that no two group of words are alike let alone whole sentences or paragraphs.

A spinner software is undoubtedly a wise investment. If you are a ghostwriter or a webmaster, there will be no such instance that you will be able to afford neglecting content writing. Salespages, general purpose articles or any of the other sales copies that are popular these days in the world of internet marketing are your indispensable weapons to make money. Perhaps the best spinner software on the market today is “The Best Spinner”. It is known to have helped its proud owners spin and create hundreds of unique articles in record time.

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