Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sourcing for Product Creation Ideas

So you want to create your own product? That's a big start in itself. Many people don't even get to that stage. However just wanting to create a product and launch it out there is not enough. You need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. If you don't want to learn a few facts about the cutthroat market of today the hard way, then you might want to consider a few areas that may have escaped your notice.

Personal Experience

Things you are interested in maybe? Well, I LOVE wearing jeans! But I would never exchange money for information on jeans. Yes, you can create info products on things you personally like – but focus your efforts on things you and other people would spend money on. I love working out – if I was promised I could pack on 10lbs of solid muscle in 2 months (realistic promise), I'd take up the offer! See what your wife, buddies are foolishly (or wisely :P ) spending their money on.

Other products

Browsing through salesletters other than yours can be good research. Most people wouldn't sell without proper market research. Scan through the bullets, see what people want. Visit to see the top-selling material in your niche. Amazon best-sellers and Ebay pulse are good resources too for great product ideas.

Who knows? You might as well find a great offer you'll want to promote as an affiliate later!

Top 100 question

If you have a list, send your members an email requesting them to ask ONE specific question about your niche.

You can then create a product about the Top 100 Questions Answered, answering the most repeat questions you got as response.


If I was to do only ONE form of research for creating a product, it would be in forums.. I'd hit 3 – 5 top forums in my niche, and look for problems users keep posting or questions that come up very VERY often. It doesn't matter if the answer is already there. New posts being made about it is a proof that people want an instant solution and can't be bothered to search.

Also, you can use the very replies that got the most appreciation from other members as content for your product. Of course, don't copy as is. Complete the information, provide screenshot, present it in an easy-to-grab manner,

Forums are great under-used product idea generators. People are telling you in real-time what they want. As a marketer, you job is to provide them with the answers they are looking for.

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