Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Generate Income Online through Membership Sites

Huh? $9.99 x 100 = $999 only! I'll show you 5 ways to get the remaining $1001.

$999 per month re-bill is GREAT. You've prepared great content in advance, set everything up to deliver automatically, and you just sit back and enjoy the benefits! However, that's just the beginning!

Your members are paying customers. They are actually somewhat more valuable than a list which signed up for a freebie. They already showed you they trust you enough to give you monthly cash.

You don't want to blast them with hourly offers just to make quick cash – you'll quickly be left with no member at all!

However, there are certain things you can do which can make you more money in the back-end.

More Money Strategy #1

Convert content you already wrote (about the same topic) into a report, an e-book or an audio product, and sell it as a stand-alone product! Let's say you wrote tons of content about internet marketing and you have several articles about list building. Package them together as “My Top List Building Tactics” and sell it at $17. Not only you'll make more money from selling the stand-alone e-book from content you didn't have to create again, but with the right pitching in your ebook, you can get more members joining your membership site!

“This report is part of a bigger package which talks about creating salesletters, affiliate marketing, creating membership sites and other internet marketing hot topics.

You can get access to them at

Since you bought this report from me, I'd like to offer you the 1st month for free!

Just email me at and I'll hook you up with the free 1 month membership.”

You can just use the above in exact wordings if you want :)

More Money Strategy #2

Sell ad-space! Don't blatantly fill your website with annoying pop-ups on every page. A subtle banner just below your heading, or in the side-bar will do.

Contact people in your niche and ask them if they would like their banner displayed to paying customers in your private membership-site for a monthly fee.

If you're in the internet marketing niche, a LOT of people would pay you big bucks to subtly advertise their squeeze page!

Go to places like the Warrior Forum or other internet marketing forums, and just post a request in the Joint Venture section. You'll be amazed by the response rate.

More Money Strategy #3

The good old affiliate marketing! Again, you don't want to be spammy and repel your members.

Instead, promote related offers which complement your content – and not compete with it.

I'll jump to an example to illustrate this.

I am teaching them to do video marketing. For some of the members who can do their own videos easily with Windows Movie Maker or QuickTime Player on Mac, that's good!

But for other members who want an easy software to work with, I'd recommend them to get Camtasia Studio. Not “You NEED this! Buy this now!!”. But “For those of you who are not really technically savvy (like me), I'd recommend Camtasia Studio, which I myself work with”.

That's it! 3 great strategies which you can implement to double your monthly income. Don't jump on all three at the same time. Try out the ad-space or affiliate thing first.

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