Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Writing Tutorial: Writing Decent Content in Minutes

Unless you've got some real money stuck on one side which you afford to blow on ghostwriters, you probably won't be able to outsource the content creation aspect of your website for a long while and content writing is essential where internet marketing is concerned. That leaves you with just one thing to do. Learn how to write yourself and how to do so efficiently. There is no point in undertaking internet marketing if you take an hour or more to write a single 400 word article.

You don't need to have a straight A in English to be able to write good articles, definitely not those articles that are meant to drive prospective buyers to your website. Your articles don't have to
be all comprehensive, you are hardly interested in telling the visitors of your website all there is to know about a particular business or product. You only need to tell them what they want to know. While you think the more you provide the better is it, you couldn't be further from the truth. Who indulges in wikipedia and reads everything it provides on a particular topic? That's right. No one. People like precise and accurate content. For most instances, you will only need to address three
points in a 400 word article. You don't want to give your readers a thorough education. An insight is good enough.

If you want to write an article in no more than 10 minutes, you only need to follow a general formula. Technically all articles have three phases to them and these are 1) research, 2) writing and 3) proof reading. Usually, research should take you no more than two minutes, writing typically takes up around 6 minutes and for proof reading, you should be taking 2 minutes or less. That must sound weird, particularly the two minutes for research bit but this is totally feasible. For almost all articles, you only need to consult the three very popular sources including,, and Before you start on any article, you might want to open these on three different tabs and look for three main points.

The next step is pretty easy really. For each main point, you find and jot down two or three short phrases. These are basically the reminders of the things you should cover to support your main point. Once you get two or three key ideas for each of your argument, you set to work. Here you need to be realistic. You might not get the whole process in one go. It might take you a while to get good at grabbing your key points within seconds. For most people, it might take you a week. Initially you might find yourself taking 8 minutes just to research a topic. Writing is the next thing you should master. For a typical 400 word article, you need one paragraph for the intro, one paragraph for each main point, and one paragraph for the conclusion. Each paragraph should be about 80 words long.

So here we are. To sum things up, you absolutely can write a decent 400 word article in no more than 10 minutes. All you need is practice and dedication the first few days. You don't need to be brilliant with words or anything. Just a fair grasp of the English language and a bit of wit are good to begin with.

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