Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Use Voice Recognition Software to produce quality content

Content creation is a major component of internet marketing. You have to write sales copies, there is no way out unless you can afford to outsource your content writing jobs which can be pretty expensive if you don't have a fat capital to start with. However, if you are not really good with your keyboard, that is your typing speed is a bit slow, your productivity will undoubtedly suffer. You will need to either improve your typing or get a voice recognition software.

What you'll love about Voice Recognition

Voice recognition basically provides an alternative to typing on a keyboard and many hardcore computer users swear by that. On second thoughts, hopeless computer users do so more often but more of that later. You need to understand how a voice recognition software works. Put quite simply, you talk to your computer and your words appear on the computer screen. It's just like magic only it's not. The software is based on some really complicated algorithms. The software has been developed to provide a fast method of writing on a computer to help those people who find typing difficult or in an extreme case, impossible. Voice recognition software can also help those computer users with spelling difficulties, including dyslexic people because recognized words are always spelled with utmost accuracy.

The cons of a voice recognition software

However, as mentioned above, voice recognition software is not a product of magic. There is no such thing in the real world. With a voice recognition software, you can get about 170 words typed per but you can hardly expect an accuracy of more than 90% which is pretty good really. When you use a voice recognition software, you will have more work when proof-reading. You will come across more mistakes, some completely silly. That is the fun bit when you are not under pressure and you don't have a pressing deadline hanging over your head like an ominous sword.

Other useful facts

When you use a voice recognition software, you will find yourself pausing to think more often than usual. The explanation behind is quite logical. When you are typing an article, you can think while you go through the mechanical process of punching the keyboard keys. You have the time to think what your next point should be. With a voice recognition software, that is not possible. You can hardly think and talk at the same time. That is not humanly possible unless you possess some special divine gifts. Voice recognition software is not an essential tool for an internet marketer or ghostwriter, good typing skills are. On a separate note, if tying is really a nagging problem for you, perhaps you would like to consider Dragon Natural Speaking. It's great and only costs about $100. It will take you a while to get used to your purchase.

Voice recognition software is a good investment if you have some money to spare and if your typing skills are really inadequate. While it's not a necessity, it can be pretty handy when you have like a hundred articles to write within a couple of days.

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