Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Voice Recognition Software: Answers to your Hesitations

People relatively new to the concept of voice recognition often find themselves in some very awkward situations and feel the need to seek a number of one-to-one customer support sessions to get the most out of their purchase. This article is a compilation of the questions most people have when using a voice recognition software for the first time. Take up on the offer, it's free!

Your questions:

Does background noise affect a voice recognition software?

The microphone that comes as an integral part of the voice recognition software package is pretty good at keeping the unwanted noises in the external environment at bay. However, in the event that background noise becomes too big an issue, you might need a higher specification microphone which is readily available on the market.

Can a voice recognition software support the technical jargons of the real world?

Most modern voice recognition systems on the market today can reproduce thousands of specialist words, including those from the legal and medical fields. You can also add words and phrases for future reference.

Can voice strain be a problem?

A voice recognition software is not a magical pill. You can hardly hope to achieve 100% accuracy the very first time you use it. In fact, the best you can manage even with the best voice recognition software out there on the market such as Dragon Naturally Speaking is an accuracy of 95% and that too after tailoring your software to your taste. When using a speech recognition software, the least you can do for best results is minimizing strain. That would encompass sitting comfortably, speaking with a uniform tone, taking breaks and drinking regularly.

What do I do if I catch a cold?

If you are one of those people whose voices become totally indistinguishable when they catch a cold, then you are in a bit of trouble really. You will experience a slight deterioration in the quality of the output from your voice recognition software because as its name blatantly suggests, the software recognizes your voice. That's its job and if you don't have your voice, that might be a bit of a problem

Can a voice recognition software support multiple users?

There is no limit placed on the number of users. However each person needs to load his/her personal voice settings before starting dictation.

Can a voice recognition software be used in board meetings?

Unfortunately, voice recognition software only support one speaker at a time. So unless the meeting consists of only one speaker with the other people in the room acting as passive listeners, you must not expect a very good output from your speech recognition software.

Can recording devices be used with speech recognition systems?

That is totally possible if you record the speeches on pocket sized recorders. You can then manipulate your recordings based on your needs. These features might require some advanced settings which are quite accurately explained in the materials that come with your purchase.

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