Friday, November 21, 2008

Chicos are the real losers?

Chicos are the real losers? this thought came out on my mind after last nights' Pinoy Fear Factor episode that made Ram, Elmer, Jose, and the pitcher Jommy to be on the bottom line for the elimination this week. These fantastic 4 Chicos gets the lowest score on the Coglarse Como Tarzan stunt together with Rj, Janna and Savanah that were also saved from the elimination after winning the top Participantes on the Bon Appetit challenge wherein they ate uncook sheep's brain and eyes.

Tonight, the 4 Chicos will be competing to be saved for this week's elimination. Who will be the 2nd Deportee of Pinoy Fear Factor? Who will be coming back to the country and will stop his fame for the Fear Factor Dome? We'll find out tonight at Pinoy Fear Factor Argentina, South America.


  1. eww...

    kakadiri talaga yong challenge na yon.

    kung ako yon hindi ko talaga kakayanin...


  2. waahhh...
    buti nakaya nila.

    im now convinced. pff is better than survivor. wahaha...

    Go Jose! you're so hunky.



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