Friday, November 21, 2008

Doc Elmer's "Ouchy back"

If Justin Timberlake has a sexy back, Doc Elmer of Pinoy Fear Factor also had his Ouchy Back. On the last night's episode of Pinoy Fear Factor, Ram, Jommy, Jose and Elmer has started their final elimination round and the stunt that they will be performing is Acrobacias En Helicoptero o Acrobatic sa Helicopterin our native language. Last night, Doc Elmer was the first who performed the stunt, he lapses over 30 seconds leaving the 3 Pump Squad members. Btw, i'm sure not of you watched the last night's episodes, so i'm gonna tell you a little information about the stunt that they will be doing. First, is they need to hold the bar on the helicopters' bottom and they will be swinged as heavy as the pilot could and they will be judged on the time that they stayed hanging on the helicopter. Sounds exciting right? Well, if you will ehar this next story, i think it wouldn't be that exciting then. :D

As what i have said, Doc Elmer was the first who tried the stunt and he last over 30 seconds hanging on the bar. On his fall, as the helicopter was really swinging so heavy, he dropped into the cold water with a uncomfy position. I mean, he's drop wasn't that good. After being pulled the a one Fear Factor staff he shouted and scream for his back, "Ouch! Ouch! My back... My back! Ouch!" this are the words that i can't forget about the incident. He was then brought to the stand-by rubber boat and gracefully wxclaimed for his ribs. What happened to him? That is the fact that we will discover tonight. :D


  1. ouch!!!!!

    that sounds so ouch! hahaha....

  2. dyos ko po!

    ano na nangyari sa kanya?

    sana okay lang sya..ang cute pa naman nya.

  3. i don't care about him.

    i like jose and ram...

    so cute and hunky!

    Go guys!


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