Friday, November 21, 2008

Ram, second Pinoy Fear Factor deportee (eliminated)

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Tonight, on the last episode of Pinoy Fear Factor for the week, the second Deportee (eliminated) of the competition has been revealed. After haven't beaten the score (time) of Doc Elmer, Ram has been bullted out from the competition with the time 30 seconds vs. the time of Doc Elmer with the time of 38 seconds hanging on the swinging and heavy flying chopper doing some acrobatic moves tryign to fell the Participantes as soon as possible. Ram, haven't beaten the three more other Chicos Participantes who were also competing to be saved from the elimination. He didn't even beat Doc Elmer who was previously get injured doing the stunt. Well, actually all of them are injured but Doc Elmer had the rapid injury. If you missed this topic, you can read it here.

Ram's journey in Pinoy Fear Factor's race has really ended. I thought Jommy will be eliminated from this week (I'm hoping though), I was just shocked when Ram didn't stay longer hanging on the trapeze and I didn't expect that he will be eliminated as early as this, since i read some articles before saying that he won the competition.

Well, all i can say is, Bye! Hehe...


  1. bye ram...

    sayang ka!

  2. wuhoo....

    bye bye na!

    dapat si jommy yung natanggal noh!

    wla pff. haha


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