Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sexiest female Contestant Poll Survey Update- As of Nov. 23, '08 vote results

Last November 2, 2008 we have launched the first ever poll survey of the Pinoy Fear Factor fan site( and your response is really impressive and overwhelming. If you guys voted on the previous widget that we used first, don't worry because the votes accumulated from that widget has been added on the new voting widget which is found here, and the percentage of votes that is on the new widget is live and accurate.

Since we are already on the last quarter of the voting period, we are nearer to the end...not the world's end, but to the survey's end. Hehe We will be giving you updates, blow by blow, to the poll results.

Stated below, are the captions from our database showing the latest poll votes, percentage, and actual count of the votes accumulated since the poll was launched.

It is clear right?... The Pinoy Fear Factor first deportee, Gail Nicolas is on the lead with 45% of votes, followed by the Teacher Lj and the ledge dancer Savanah with the same percentage of votes of 19%. We're not yet revealing the actual number of votes, of course, there will no longer thrill if we will give that now. Hehe... We will release it on December 1! So, guys, if you think that your idol was left behind the scene, maybe it's your time to vote for her then. Cast your votes now [click here to vote] and let your vote be counted! Vote Now!

Voting for your SEXIEST FEMALE PINOY FEAR FACTOR CONTESTANT will end on November 30, 2008. The final result,a nd the winner will be announced on the next day, December 1 2008.

Vote Now!

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