Monday, November 24, 2008

Gail Nicolas at Mossimo Intensity 10- Photos

Mossimo celebratestheir 10th year anniversary, and hold a explosive and super hot fashion show at club Ascen in D Fort.

Of course, since Gail Nicolas, the first Pinoy Fear Factor Deportee is a mossimo grown talent, she won a Bikini Open hosted by Mossimo before, if i'm not mistaken. Anyway, due to public demand i tried to search about the the event and fortunately i found numbers of photos from the event. I must not p[osted these kind of articles instead, but as what i have said due to public demand, i made this one. But you know guys, i would just like to disclose that we don't intead to harass or offend Gail Nicolas or any person concern, this is only for public information. Hehe... Am i right? I think so. They are celebrities, the event was open to the public, so i think there is no way that this is a kind of harrassing the person. Okies? Uhm, maybe thos epeople whoa re sending emails and comments are just jealous wiht this site's great achivement. Well, guys, there's nothing to insecure with. Duhhh... ^^,

You're excited to see those pictures right?... btw, I would like to give credit to as these pictures are from that site. Hehe Thanks! ^^,

And enjoy guys! ^^,

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