Monday, December 1, 2008

Gail Nicolas is the sexiest female Participante!

Yeah! You've read it right! The people have spoken, decided, or whatever you may call it! But i swear, we already have a winner for the "Sexiest Female Participante Poll." Hehe... I'm so excited to speak this out since a very promising number of votes has been aaccumulated! I didn't really expect this huge numbers of vote turn-out! Nyok! Hmmm... So excited with the results too, right? Don't worry it's just here around. Hehe...

Guys, as what i have said the votes turn-out is really amazing! Amazing as promising! Hehe... The total votes accumulated has risen to 1058 votes! Really, well... Truly, i sent a lot of messages to all the people on my phonebook letting them know that yestaerday was the last day of voting for the Sexiest Female Contestant poll survey, and asked them to cast their votes also. Hehe just a little thing of promotion. ^^,

Naahhh... But still I didn't expect that much of numbers! Hehe... And yeah! On the tittle, i wrote that Gail Nicolas gathered the most number of votes, and it's right! Gail Nicolas is my personal choice, but i didn't manipulated the votes. Alright! [i am a good boy! Hehe ^^,] Hmmm... I'm happy for her! Really!

So Guys, here are now the official chart of the votes accumulated, and it's percentage! Look! Look! Look out! ^^,

See? it's real right? Hehe... At the first few weeks after launching the poll survey, Phem is leading the group and was just followed by Gail and Savanah, but now as you can see the world really turned upside down. Gail got a total number of votes of 317, followed by Savanah that got 209 votes, next by Lj that got 198 votes, followed by Phem that got 178 and lastly Jannah that got 156 votes.

Well, it's still a good thing to Jannah that her votes reached at least half of the votes that Gail Nicolas got. It's still a success to her! And also, about Gail Nicolas, I already asked for an interview with her for this event. I already contacted her, through her blog, and she responsed positively! Hehe... I'm still waiting for her email address [if she will give that out] and now gathering few but good question for her. Hehe... Well, guys, am gonna give you a credit. I will let you ask a question to her too. Just leave your questions on the comments box, and i will just select few questions that will be asked to her. Okay? I will wait for your questions! Hehe...

So again, Congratulations to Gail Nicolas for winning the Pinoy-Fear Factor's Sexiest Female Contestant title! ^^,

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  1. wow galing ah...

    sya na talaga...sayang at 2 lang si savanah...

  2. she deserves the title...

    congrats gail.

    we love you!

  3. galing talaga sya.

  4. yehey! she won the poll survey...well, hindi naman nakapagtataka yun..she isa model, natural, sexy talaga tingin ng tao sa kanya. hehe

    hmmm....itanong mo if may bf na sya! hehe

    dahil kung wala, am gonna court her. Lol

  5. galing naman... we love you gail kahit natanggal kana

  6. she's really sexy...

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